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Full Version: Denier land: How deniers view global warming
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What is so laughable, is that the reason we are sceptics, is because we've dealt with graphs just like the "global warming" graph many times before, and we know all the "tests" you can use to discern trends where there are none, or pauses where there are none, or "peak" or "troughs" where there are none. We know how easily we in our younger naive days could have been fooled by such a stupid graph as the "global warming" graph ... particularly when a bunch of idiots looking to get confirmation so they can get more grants are putting pressure on everyone to "believe" there's "something there".

It's not that there never was "something there" ... it's just that whatever is there, if there is anything, is seldom ever what people wanted to be there.
The chart and graph based on ice core data,really a good representative of the Arctic region,but not of the world.

warmists keep saying this is the most sensitive region of the world for temperature changes. The wide swings in temperatures in the North regions over the Holocene,while CO2 stayed about the same is what stands out starkly.That shows no visible warm forcing of CO2 present.

The South pole has much smaller changes in temperature,but many of the changes echoes with those of the North,which indicate some global influence.

The Skeptical science global warming chart,with their "escalator" effect actually damages their AGW conjecture,along with their dishonest omission of the difference between what the published since 1990 IPCC reports predicts/projects of PER DECADE warming,what the actual per decade rate is.

The IPCC since 1990,push the .30C per decade rate.
Satellite data shows that less than half that rate actually occurs.

The IPCC made their temperature projections based on the AGW conjecture,that have failed.They are not wrong,since they are SPECTACULARLY wrong!

Warmists have long lost the debate,but they are too busy being stupid and ill informed to notice.