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How is oil formed ?
Hi All,
Views / contributions / links / comments invited.

Essay plan.
(No mention of coal at all, please)
Piece will be in three distinct "sections", plus (at least) an introduction and a "conclusions" / further discussion section/s.

1) Biotic, or, "fossil fuel" formation "theory" of oil formation.
This idea has been around for a long time, first suggested in the 18th Century.
Idea died very quickly (within 25 years), it has been resurrected (many times),
now dominates, giving credence to, "fossil fuel", "peak oil", "finite resource".
Almost all carbon and energy released by burning "fossil fuels" is therefore recycled upon a long time scale.

2) Russian / Ukrainian deep formation of oil "theory". Based upon a verifiable and repeatable experiment.
(Oil is mastery blog, Rockwell dot com, etc, etc.)
Take marble (carbonates), iron, water, at 2000C and 50 bar pressure = oil is formed.
Increase of known, and exploited Russian oil reserves since second world war - Stalin started it.
Most of the carbon and energy released by use of such oil is recycled carbonates, with some geothermal energy added.

3) Earth's core fissile waste products made into oil, water, CO2, etc, etc, etc..
Iron, not hydrogen sun hypothesis, earth's core produces fissile waste products, these are released by volcanic activity,
(Manuel and Olsen) some are transformed before release / escape.
Almost all the carbon and energy released by use of oil is new carbon and energy to the overall system.
Furthermore, the oceans atmosphere and oil reserves are the "residue" or "the result of the difference" between
release of earth's core's waste products by volcanic (and human activity recently) and
the amount of the atmosphere constantly being stripped from the planet (by the solar wind primarily) to space.

So, view of a closed "fossil fuel" system is compared with the open system view of fissile waste products being added to the system,
and the constant losses to space are included / to be considered.
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by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

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The hobgoblins have to be imaginary so that
"they" can offer their solutions, not THE solutions.
Some interesting discussion on the subject here:

There are claims that bacteria are essential to the process. I don't see why, but even so that does not make it a "fossil" fuel. It is a continuous natural process. By using it we are recycling it.
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba
Thank you Richard111, they give views 1) and 2) an airing.
I would note no mention of 3) though, and I think 3) is THE point.

1) and 2) do not really challenge much, merely quibbling the figures as such,
but 3) that changes the system we are looking at, from a closed, or effectively mostly closed, to an open system,
that is a step change I suggest.
On point 3, I suggest looking to the stars, or rather other celestial bodies. At the very least we know there is methane and other larger hydrocarbons molecules 'out there' with some on very cold and relatively small bodies. That in itself tends to point away from 1 and more towards 3. However, things are never that simple and I'd suggest that a combination of 2 and 3 is most likely for planet Earth.

One of the difficult problems will be separating the two. Process 3 produces a lot of energy and thus the body will likely be hot at the time of hydrocarbon formation. Process 2 requires the thermal energy (of point 3) for creation of the hydrocarbons. It is important to note that the Sun is not able to produce such temperatures beneath the Earth's surface. Processes 2 and 3 may well occur together and indeed directly linked. For example, the 'waste' products from 3, including heat, could and are likely to be the prerequisites for process 2.

To compound the whole thing, life uses hydrocarbons and indeed recycles them in all manner of differing ways. Because of this recycling, there will be considerable corruption to any chemical or isotopic signatures within the hydrocarbons. Furthermore, this can occur very rapidly, is continuous and highly sensitive all kinds of parameters. Thus suggestions that so-called fingerprints prove the case either way should be viewed sceptically.
"Correlation is NOT Causation"
Oh well, just to air my ignorance. Rolleyes The way I see it is that at the subduction zones there are some 200 million years of accumulation of carbon in the form of carbonate precipitates and sea shells and such on the sea bottom plus a goodly supply of hydrogen (water) all chuntering down into sub mantle melting zones.

There we have a lot of heat and pressure. So what would stop the molecules shown from forming?

[Image: Iso-octane_and_n-Heptane.png]
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba
Thank you for the reply Questioning Climate.

(01-22-2011, 05:27 AM)Questioning_Climate Wrote: One of the difficult problems will be separating the two.

I think that 2) is a part of 3), a diagram / plot springs to my mind that will hopefully better explain what I mean.
I'll post it as soon as I have drawn it (in a very simple "first" form).
This could well be a fourth part for the essay plan.

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An accused plagiarized version of the Russian abiogenic oil was expounded by Dr Thomas Gold which relied on subterranean bacteria which two drilled test well failed the find. The REAL process involves the 'elemental daughter atoms' from Earth's fission. This is described in "Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste" at Canada Free Press.

This article was further expanded by Brit journalist John McLaughlin in his article "Sustainable Oil Production?" posted at American Thinker. We have been SO lied to by our shadow government on virtually every subject. But a new day is dawning on a THOUSAND YEARS OF LIGHT. Please share truth with ALL.

EDITED: To add the links for those two articles.

Very interesting reading in those links. Thanks.
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba
I have always thought of Gold as an unnecessary and patently absurd and incorrect distraction, hence I have not mentioned him.
Usually his being brought into things stops any real discussion, which I assume was the original intention of mentioning him.
(I do not mean here by the way, most everywhere else I have seen abiotic oil discussions squashed I mean.)
He always gets brought up though...Usually by those trying to stop thinking in regard of the (actual, proven and real) most probable abiotic origins of oil.

Has anyone come across anything useful for 1) of the essay plan yet please.

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