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A win in court for the good guys
Climate Skeptics Win Big Victory In Climategate Scandal!
by frankyork on January 30, 2012 · 0 comments Print This Post

The arrogant “climate scientists” who run the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were handed a defeat last week by a British Freedom of Information Act Tribunal.

The case was brought by Dr. Don Keiller, deputy head of Life Sciences at Ruskin University, Cambridge.

The case involves CRU director Phil Jones who has used every excuse imaginable to keep from answering legal FOIA requests for his climate research data.

The decision from the tribunal says that public servants cannot delete copies of files or emails from their PCs and then claim that the absence of such files is an excuse not to provide FOIA information as requested. The decision means that even backup servers can be searched for FOIA requests.

Jones and his cronies in the climate alarmist camp must be wetting themselves over this decision – since they have a long and dishonorable record of declining to provide their alleged data to climate skeptics.

The tribunal decision and the back story on Jones and Climategate is provided in a recent article in the British paper, The Register. Read and comment on it!

Added a LINK to a different source.
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Excellent! Hope this is carried through only I won't hold my breath.

Anyone see the programme on BBC4 last night about how CO2 was discovered as a plant food and how we humans live with plants, they give us O2 and we give them CO2 ? ?
Botany: Bloomimg History. Photosynthesis Episode 2 of 3
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