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'A possible means of escape from the horrors of carbon dioxide emission constrai
11-29-2009, 06:46 PM
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RE: 'A possible means of escape from the horrors of carbon dioxide emission constrai
(11-28-2009 06:58 AM)JohnWho Wrote:  Very interesting read, Richard.

I wonder if we can either get permission to re-post Bernhard's post here, or even have Bernhard join GWS?

While he asks an interesting question regarding why not simple Infrared Spectrophotometry to analyze for CO2 content, I believe he also answers it when he points out that the current state of the art of such equipment is not able to discern the small levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, does he not?

The questions:

How are we acceptably measuring "global" CO2 levels?


How are we acceptably measuring "global" atmospheric temperatures?

Have been asked a number of times.

I'm feeling more and more the answer to both is "we are not acceptably measuring either very well", but, then, who am I?

Quote:It is noteworthy to mention that the detectors for CO2 are either DTC or ECD and not infrared. ...which is not astonishing, since CO2 does not absorb an appreciable amount of infrared radiation. I have always had an issue with the term "green house gas". Let us be clear, only gasses that absorb infrared qualify as such in the context of "global warming". Fact is, that CO2 only absorbs in 3 very weak and very narrow bands infrared light near the wave number 1700 cm ^-1 These are the C=O bond scissoring, C=O bond stretching and C=O torsional bond vibrations. Even the best infrared spectrophotometer like say a Perkin Elmer IR would not be able to detect the difference in IR absorption between .03 and 3 % CO2 !!!

Seems that not a whole lot of kinetic energy are being detected,by such equipment that should be able to detect them.Meaning that CO2 is a very minor absorber of thin IR bands,that amounts to several pennies on the dollar.

But then again there is not much of a CO2 absorption range in the IR spectrum to brag about anyway.

The AGW hypothesis after 20 some years is apparently a stillborn hypothesis,since it could never take off due to the feeble "greenhouse" effect CO2 has when it comes to absorbing a slight amount of OUTGOING IR,and then send part of it back to the surface.Since the emissions is now LOWER than what it had absorbed,it is less energetic than ever.

For some reason AGW believers think that after CO2 absorbs some IR will magically convince part of the emissions to travel all the way back to the planets surface,despite the nature of "heat" always wanting to go UPWARD.

Their explanations never has made sense to me,and I think that is because what they propose is pure baloney!

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