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The Myth of Backradiation
Claes Johnson on Mathematics and Science

June 25,2010


AGW alarmism is based on an idea of "back radiation" or "re-radiation" from an atmosphere with greenhouse gases, but the physics of this phenomenon remains unclear.

To test if "back radiation" is a real phenomenon, we suggest the following experiment: On a night with moon-light so feeble that you can cannot read a newspaper, place yourself in front of a mirror letting the moonlight reflect from the newspaper to the mirror and back again, and check if you can now read. You will probably find that the paper is still unreadable, as if "back radiation" does not give more light.

In the comment section.There is a man named Roger,who is providing a terrible defense of the backradiation accumulation effect.

He is obviously one of those AGW believers we have come to expect.He is being taken apart so easily it is sad that he seems unaware of it.
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