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Wes George's comment
02-19-2012, 08:40 AM
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Wes George's comment

Quote:wes george
February 16, 2012 at 6:23 pm · Reply

This beat up truly deserves to be called “Denialgate” because only a conspiracy of dunces deep in denial could possibly believe this PR campaign will serve their interests.

The real news value is not that the Heartland Institute is a skeptical organisation that supports skeptics. Duh.

It’s that the Heartland budget is so puny compared to the eco-NGO’s. And that it’s under a massive attack for fund raise techniques and activities that are well within the ethical norms of any NGO.

That’s the take away that will stick with the uncommitted public no matter how hard the media spins it.

Denialgate is the biggest PR catastrophe for the Warmists since they tried to charm us to death with their droll sense of humour. The Heartland docs are not as dramatic as the 10 10 10 snuff fantasy, but the end result will be increased donations to the underfunded skeptical science and a public growing ever more increasingly leery of shrill Warmist exaggeration and hypocrisy.

By peddling the stolen Heartland documents as the equivalent to the Climategate scandal the Warmists will get the public’s attention alright. But when the public looks into the facts, what they’ll come away with is quite damaging to the Green agenda.

Here’s why:

1. As Jo Nova point out talking about the massive funding imbalance in favour of the Warmists is bound to backfire, especially since the Warmists have had a pretty good run with the Big Oil deep pockets myth.

Comparing balance sheets wasn’t never in the eco-NGO interests. The public sold on the false – but plausible sounding – Big Oil narrative for the last decade are now offered a second look and will be shocked to find that the eco-NGO’s are funded 100 to 1 over the tiny little Heartland Institute, by…wait for it…Big Oil.

People hate to be lied too.

2. By pitching Denialgate as a fraud on the scale of Climategate not only are Warmists attracting many more eyes then the story merits, but those eyes will come away remembering one thing — Climategate was much worse. The Warmist idiots are comparing their scientific conspiracy to commit fraud to the legitimate and ethical fund raising efforts of an political NGO? Worse, Denialgate will introduce even more of the public to the narrative of Climategate!

Warmist PR policy should be to never ever mention Climategate… but here they have projected Climategate right back into the headlines and even enshrined it in the narrative “Denialgate” which will forever reference back to Climategate.

This is a massive propaganda failure.

3. The Heartland documents are political not scientific like the Climategate emails. Once again we have desperate Warmists dying to talk about anything but the science, going for personal smear rather than the facts. The uncommitted public don’t like negative ads. This will only sell to the choir, who do not need convincing. Or do they???

4. Since November 2009 when the first Climategate emails were liberated the Warmists have had a horror couple of years. Global Cooling, hide the decline and mounting evidence for emerging and competing climate theories have crushed the Warmists’ morale. Collapse of UN climate talks and the IPCC credibility is free fall.

Even with billions of dollars to fund their propaganda campaigns the global public is turning against them by the tens of millions.

When political movements become desperate they can make the mistake of sending out messages that are good for bolstering the morale of the true believers, but will damage their cause if transmitted widely to the uncommitted public. This is one of those moments.

The Heartland Institute might be well known to by the Warmist and Skeptical activists but its public profile is low compared to Greenpeace or the World Wildlife Fund. So thanks to “Denialgate” tens of millions of people unfamiliar with the Heartland Institute will learn its name and purpose exactly at a point in time when the tide of public opinion is dramatically shifting towards exactly what Heartland stands for. The Warmist true believers already hate skeptics, so what’s the value in raising the public profile of a under funded political opposition?

It’s an absolutely counterproductive smear campaign at every level save one. It feels so good to Warmists truly in denial of the coming political catastrophe they face in 2012-13. It’s their party like it’s 1999 moment.

Denialgate was created by and for Warmists so that they could have one last happy toast of schnapps in their bunker before the end of the their tragicomic rise frosts over….

Enjoy! ;-)

It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor must preside at our assemblies.

–William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1952
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