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Historical Weather
The title says it all.

A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events

By James A. Marusek

WARNING this is a 580 page, 10 megabyte pdf file. An excellent historical weather reference.

Quote:Winter of 290 / 291 A.D. The winter was very similar to the winter of 220 A.D. and the River Thames in
England was frozen for approximately the same length of time.1
Most of the rivers in Britain frozen six weeks.2, 40, 41, 43, 47, 93
The winter in England was very cold. Most rivers froze for 6 weeks.28

Quote:700 A.D. In England and Ireland, there was a famine and pestilence during three years, “so that men ate
each other”.57, 91
In 700, our Saxon ancestors being yet heathens were plagued with such severe famine for three years
together, that many died of hunger. And in Sussex, England many were so tormented with it, that
sometimes groups of 40 people would get up on the rocks by the seaside and throw themselves down
headlong into the sea and were drowned.72
In 700, a great drought prevailed in the Auvergne, France.79

Quote:1124 A.D. The many tempest in England were pernicious to corn [grain] and all fruits, so that at
Candlemas [2 February], they were sold at a great price.72 [The famine was made worst because of the
“scandalous adulteration of money and grievous taxes”.]
In 1124 in England, “Such a famine prevailed that everywhere in cities, villages and crossroads lifeless
bodies lie unburied.” 91 “By means of changing the coine all things became very deere, whereof an
extreme famine did arise and afflict the multitudes of people, even to death.” 57
In 1123 or 1125, terrible was the famine in England so as in towns, villages and highways, dead bodies
lay unburied, dissolving into stinking slime. In May trees scarce budded, the ground was so chilled.72
There were great inundations at Rome, Italy. Famine so great that multitudes of both sexes died of
Also refer to the section 1123 A.D. – 1124 A.D. for information on the famine in France and Germany during that

Seem familiar? Big Grin
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It appears that the first post significance has eluded you,why is that Eric?
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