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Wind Turbines - Manufacturers' Facts!
We had the TVA slag pile that washed away containing toxic material and now the TVA customers have to pay for the clean up and the location wants TVA to provide additional funds to reimburse folks for loss of property value when the people at fault for the declining values are those who claimed TOXIC materials. The ash heap was what was recovered from the coal plants and scrubbers used to reduce pollution. The ash that is left after burning contains only that which did not burn but was taken from the ground during mining and natural toxic compounds that would have found their way into the eco enviorment anyway. There was a time when people would have been happy to have the use of the "TOXIC" material as road beds. If EPA and enviorwhackos had not called it toxic it would make a good cover for dirt roads or it could have been used for grit during snow season. When these groups get together and reduce the so called acceptable limits for compounds due to unfounded concerns it is a source of funding for lawyers because the changes lead to litigation and increase in insurance costs.

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