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The Hockey Stock Chart Comes Back From The Dead
The November issue of Scientific American is reporting a "new" Hockey stick chart developed  by Martin Tingsley and Peter Huybers of Harvard Uvniversity.  See "News Scan" - "Energy and Environment" section of the magazine.  Claiming new and more sophisticated mathematical methods, the authors arrive at the conclusion that the 20th century had the largest rate of warming in the last 600 years and the 1990s were the warmest decade of the last 600 years.

Scientific American along with Discover Magazine has long been in the camp of the AGW proponents, presenting articles almost monthly that promote the AGW claim with few, if any. rebuttals.

Any comments on this latest analysis?
Whoopie do!

All of the other "Hockey Stick" papers have been revealed to be badly flawed,somehow that would mean that this one will be too.

This H.S. infatuation needs to end and drop the stupid attempt to frame the 1990's as a "hot" decade.

By the way 600 years ago was in the early days of the LIA.

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