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Twenty Years of Advocacy, Not Journalism, on Global Warming
The Wall Street Journal

The media has forged a consensus around climate change.

APRIL 23, 2010


From the Media Research Center


For more than two decades, the so-called mainstream media have preached the dangers of manmade global warming, insisting American businesses and consumers must make massive economic sacrifices to ward off a global climate catastrophe. Not even last November's exposure of e-mails from leading scientists on the alarmist side of the debate — showing them conniving to fudge or suppress data, discredit critics and distort the peer review process — has caused journalists to finally take a skeptical approach to radical environmentalists' doomsaying.

A new study from the MRC's Business & Media Institute documents how ABC, CBS and NBC have been just as strident in their advocacy in the months following "ClimateGate" as they were in the 20 years that preceded the scandal. At the same time, a review of the Media Research Center's archives going back to the late 1980s shows just how strongly reporters have pushed the liberal line on global warming. Here are just some of the many examples:

The media has been 90% stupid and 9.5% dazed over Global Warming.

They have been parading stupid scaremongering for so long (that never comes to pass) that even some of the rockheaded warmist believers are getting it,that the media is full of crap.
It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor must preside at our assemblies.

–William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1952
Sadly that is what sells the papers. The level of "journalism" is on a par with the page 3 dolly bird. I notice more and more daily papers are following that trend. I read in yesterday's Daily Mail that the government is handing out free condoms to eight year olds. !!!!

What does that tell you about the intellectual level of the local population?

It just occurred to me that this has been going on much longer than 20 years. I suspect it started back with "flower power" and "free love" back in the hippie era. A steady undermining and erosion of social values that cemented the society together.

"free love"...<snip>. In the society I grew up in "love" implied a commitment. Now we have "political correctness" that overturns every value that society may have had. The current level of "journalism" simply reflects the present state of society.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us...."
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba
This report in todays Sunday Telegraph really got up my nose. Angry

On page 9 by Science Correspondent Richard Grey, article titled The trout warning as rivers run dry

The top quarter of the page holds two photographs, the first titled FROM THIS... a picture of Haweswater reservoir in Cumbria showing a pretty lake. The second titled ...TO THIS showing mud and sand, no water at all.

I was studying the pictures when I noted that the foreground trees, same in both pictures, were more lush with green leaves in the drought picture! I then looked at other vegetation and thought the drought picture looked looked more alive, albeit no water, than the first picture.

I tried to find the article on the Telegraph website. No luck. So I Binged Haweswater reservoir and of the many sites lected this:

Quote:The construction of this dam, at the time, was considered to be cutting edge technology, as forty four separate buttressed units, joined by flexible joints, were used to construct this hollow buttressed dam. The reservoir is now four miles long, about a third of a mile wide and one hundred and ninety eight feet deep. When this reservoir is full it holds approximately eighty four billion litres of water.

My emphasis. No ways is there any possibility of depth of even 5 feet of water in the pictures display. The pictures show a portion of the reservoir far removed from the main water storage area.

This is blatant misreporting! If I hadn't checked I might have gone on thinking there was a real crisis up in Cumbria.
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba
The North West Evening Mail says it's 7 metres below what's normal at this time of year. The situation is critical, I read last week, with the area having had only 50% of normal rainfall. Grey's well known (at least to me & James Delingpole) as an alarmist on all subjects. Sounds like this is par for the course.
Ernest Rutherford: "If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment."
I know I am becoming hyper-critical of all these claims about global warming. While I was searching for info on Haweswater reservoir I read a mention that water stocks were down to 60% in that area. Its been worse in the past.

My guess is there is more demand from increasing population in the area than just lack of rainfall. I have family living near Penryth and tend to note the weather for that area. They seem to get as much, if not more, wet weather than we do here in west Wales.

I've had my bellyache and I still believe those pictures are a direct misrepresentation. I didn't even mention all the sob stories about the poor little fishies being oh so carefully rescued. Sheeesh!
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba

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