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Calamitology on Twitter
One of the nice things about Twitter is the 140-character limit. The real(biased)climate folks don't have enough space to create that trademix mix of insult and ad hominems, while still having space to make their substantive points. Anyway, I saw an open invitation from a fellow to join in a Twitter debate named _GAS5. That's how you identify a particular tweet as being part of the debate. The debate convention on twitter calls for you to further identify which side of the debate you think your tweet best serves. Appended to this message are the tweets I've made using the ID "calamitology". If you use Twitter, I hope you'll let me know your user ID, and it would be an honor and a pleasure to see you "follow" me.

_GAS5 (N) Dickens: There appears to be something fundamentally wrong w/ the way climate models link temperature & CO2
43 minutes ago from web

_GAS5 (N) Jones' gridded CRU temperature data for USA region has been tweaked in recent decades to agree with MSU
12:42 PM Jul 12th from web

George Bernard Shaw: “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Thanx Paul Murdock and @infowars
11:25 AM Jul 10th from web

_GAS5 (N) White et al - new paper in Global Change Biology questions claims that spring has been arriving earlier
11:37 AM Jul 8th from API

_GAS5 (N) Arctic ice: The submarine USS Skate surfaced in clear water at the North Pole on March 17, 1959 [7-4 TWTW]
3:49 PM Jul 5th from web

_GAS5 (N) Northwest Passage often open – in the 1800s, 1926, 1940s, 2007. Amundsen sailed through in 1907 [7-4 TWTW]
3:47 PM Jul 5th from web

_GAS5 (N) 2007’s floating Arctic ice loss was due to north Siberian storms and not unusual [7-4 TWTW]
3:45 PM Jul 5th from web

"5 Climate Studies That Don't Live Up to Their Hype" - kudos to Popular Mechanics for this one #globalwarming #lies
3:43 PM Jul 5th from web

Hockey stick apologist Gavin Schmidt on some climate hype "There's a bit of a backlash amid people who have a brain"
3:39 PM Jul 5th from web

CO2 cap-and-trade - Edison Electric Institute, which represents investor-owned utilities, backs HR 2454. Shame on 'em
3:22 PM Jul 5th from web

CO2 cap-and-trade - info on House-passed bill [via thomas_loc_gov] full-text, summary, etc #aip #tcot #climate
3:17 PM Jul 5th from web

Waxman-Markey bill (aka Taxman-Malarky and Waxman-turkey) - Thanx to Dr Fred Singer for these [7-4 TWTW]
3:06 PM Jul 5th from web

Kudos to CEI for calling for Open Hearing re: the science relied upon by EPA for Endangerment Finding. [7-4 TWTW]
2:53 PM Jul 5th from web

CO2 alarmists at EPA muzzled Drs Alan Carlin and John Davidson - how high does this abuse of science go at EPA? [7-4 TWTW]
2:52 PM Jul 5th from web

_GAS5 (N) Censored EPA report released by Competitive Enterprise Institute PDF, 98 pp. Thanx @Fallakin #aip #tcot
2:52 PM Jul 5th from web

There is significant evidence that politicians rather than scientists control tone & content of the IPCC reports
12:42 PM Jul 4th from API

Obsolete model of the Sun underlies much of what we hear from scientific community re anthropogenic global warming
12:30 PM Jul 4th from API

_GAS5 (N) The way that the Sun controls Earth's climate is explained in 15 pages, 7 figures, and 56 references #aip
10:02 AM Jul 4th from API

_GAS5 (N) Hurricane season: Quietest in 5 years (so far)
2:43 PM Jul 1st from web

_GAS5 (N): The period 1920-1940 appears to have been strong global warming. Yet no acceleration in sea level rise. Alarmists ignore this.
10:18 AM Jun 11th from web

_GAS5 (N) R. Pielke Jr: Climate models: why skillful predictions are not possible [sciencepolicy_colorado_edu] #aip
8:42 PM Jun 10th from web

_GAS5 (N) T Ball: Recent Theoretical and Observational Evidence for a Cooling Atmosphere audio
11:08 AM Jun 4th from web

_GAS5 (N) S. Akasofu -present climate change is not man-made. It's mostly recovery since 1800 from Little Ice Age
5:20 PM Jun 3rd from web

_GAS5 (N) S. Akasofu - IPCC ignored the fact that the Earth went through a cold period called “the Little Ice Age” from 1400 to 1800 #aip
5:14 PM Jun 3rd from web

_GAS5 (N) Hot off the press 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) #aip
1:28 PM Jun 3rd from web

RT @DLWilsonsWorld Extended solar minimum suggests long term cooling trend. This ought to be big news. Why isn't it?
12:56 PM May 31st from web

_GAS5 (N) B. Carter: 22% rise in CO2 since 1958 with no net temperature change [www_calamitology_com] #climate #aip
5:07 PM May 27th from web

_GAS5 (N) R. Spencer: The Claim That Mankind has Caused Global Warming is a statement of FAITH [www_calamitology_com]
10:12 AM May 27th from web

_GAS5 (N) C. Allègre: I do not want environmentalism to accentuate the crisis or make the least well-off suffer more
7:47 AM May 27th from web

_GAS5 (N) The recent alarm about CO2-climate is based much more on what we don't know than on what we know.
11:16 PM May 24th from web
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