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Determining the Correct Climate Sensitivity
The Inconvenient Skeptic


There are many times when I am putting together articles that I need to compare the results of my research to the models of the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). In this manner I can contrast the results and predictions directly. This way I understand how the different views relate to each other.

Recently I was trying to find the total amount of energy (forcing) that the warmists claim CO2 is responsible for in the atmosphere. The reason I wanted this is because I have recently completed my full analysis of absorption and I wanted to compare my results to the warmist views. While this article is not about my results, it will focus on some interesting results that I found using their models. Because I was searching for the warmist views about energy I was using information from their sites (and citations of course). While that might seem strange, they generally have lots of good information there.

The starting point is the basic equation they use to determine the forcing caused by a change in CO2 concentration.

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