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Trailer of Lomborg´s "Cool It"
I´ve seen this trailer in several places but it surprised me that it´s being promoted by The Heartland Institute:

Is Lomborg promoting his book, his film and himself? (taking advantage again of near events like Climategate anniversary or Cancun COP16 and thus outshining them).

Read about it in Green Hell Blog:

Bjorn Lomborg is Al Gore lite

Quote:The reality about Lomborg is that he is more like Al Gore in relevant part than not. Gore believes that manmade CO2 emissions are a problem and need to be reduced/eliminated. So does Lomborg. Gore says untrue things about skeptics. So does Lomborg. Lomborg says that alarmists should stop scaring children about global warming. Accordingly, in “Cool It,” he seems to have produced little more than “An Inconvenient Truth (Children’s Edition)”.

OK, Lomborg could be whatever but, what about the Heartland??

I smell a rat!
Ni cien conejos hacen un caballo, ni cien conjeturas una evidencia (F. Dostoyevski)

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