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Does the Scot Government get it yet?

Quote:Brian Taylor Political editor, BBC Scotland:

It was once infamously said of British Rail that they had been caught out by the wrong type of snow.

Now Scotland's transport minister, Stewart Stevenson, has landed in trouble as a result of the wrong type of weather forecast.

Apparently, the Scottish government had "prepared for one set of weather".

Along came 10cm of snow or thereabouts.

Result? A mass involuntary roadside sleep-over.

From the main article:
Quote:Opposition parties are demanding an inquiry after heavy snow caused unprecedented scenes of travel chaos across central Scotland on Monday.


Opposition MSPs said ministers failed to act on severe weather reports.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Stevenson said that the weather advice the authorities had been working on "did not meet the requirements".

He said the authorities would now "have to look at the advice we had", adding that the weather forecast they were given "appears to have been different" from that of some other forecasters.

The minister said: "I want to know why that's the case because we can't have that happening again.

"That's a clear part of what we've got to look at to make sure that we improve."


Where did their forecast come from? One could hazard a guess ... mentioning no names. What a relief it wasn't climate they were forecasting.
"Correlation is NOT Causation"

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